Stewart Ainslie
[a] designer [a] writer [a] consultant


What I’ve got to say for myself


Nothing grinds my gears like bland branding (blanding).

Great companies amuse, excite and entertain. I’m on a mission to help people do just that.


Sometimes I look like this

Not that it matters.

The short pitch

I’ve been working for myself since July 2015. In 2018 I formally established Don't Walk LLP with one of my favourite designers, Mark McAulay. It’s been over a year and we’re still on speaking terms.

To talk about working together contact us here or have a gander at some of our work here.

On the side I’ve been meeting with my peers and my design idols. These meetings have culminated in hours worth of audio, which I’m transcribing at a glacial pace and publishing here.



The right fit

Branding projects take time*. Choosing the right designer is as important as finding a great accountant. Brilliant clients deserve design partners that they can work with for years.

*Some graphic design projects take very little time; creating tangible brand value always takes a long time.

Still want to work with me?


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Working with amazing people is amazing.

Happiness is incredibly important. It's the key to good design, good business and good consumer* relations.

*It's because we're all people, not consumers

I am a consultant

That means I write plans for companies who want to improve their brand through design. Sometimes this leads to me working with the organisation. Other times the plan is the product.

If it's a plan, project management or print management you're after great!

If you’re after a freelance designer I’d be happy to recommend a few.

I wear many hats.

Like to to collaborate? I'm one half of Don't Walk. We love working with passionate people on multidisciplinary projects.

I create, promote and update—

  • brands

  • campaigns

  • websites

  • print materials

  • exhibitions

On the side I’ve turned my hand to; writing, digital illustration, miniature painting and photography. I’ll update this site when I find something I’m actually good at.

My kind of people*

I work with and for people who I have fun with on projects I care about.

Some brilliant clients:

Ramblers Scotland, The Herald, Historic Environment Scotland, University of Glasgow, Scottish Mountain Rescue, Engine Shed, Glasgow Museums, Prof Tony Pollard, The Hunterian, Jam Studio, Epidote, EnQuest, Duncan and Todd, Carbon Financial Partners, The Scottish Business Awards, and Belhaven Bars.

Some amazing collaborators:

Connor Lyon, Jemma Beedie, Ben O’Brien, Claire Jones, Paul Mullen, Eilidh McCluskie, Adam Robertson, Emma Gordon, Lewis Wardrop, Owain Kirby, David Galletly, Stefan Morrison and Mark McAulay.

*they're all very different kinds of people